PrefaceFrom the editorsMultiscaling aspects of fail-safe for material and structureG.C. SihIntegrated approach to materials and structural integrityS.T. TuDesign criteria for multiaxial low cycle fatigueT. Itoh, M. SakaneTransient behavior of creep crack growth under non-steady loadingK.S. Kim, W.S. YoonCreep damage mechanisms in Ni-base superalloys focusing on the distribution of alloying elements in y and y' phasesK. Ogawa, T. Niki, K. Nobusawa, T. ShojiDiscussion of several life prediction methods for fatigue-creep interactionXuedong Chen, Zhichao Fan, Ling Chen, Jialing Jiang, Tiecheng YangElastic-plastic behaviours of pressurised pipes under cyclic thermal stresses with temperature gradientsChang-Sik Oh, Yun-Jae KimDamage identification for concrete continuous rigid frame bridge based on curvature mode and BP neural networkZhao Li, Xuesong Tang, Xingye ChenPrediction of fatigue life characteristic of real waterwork pipe using linear transformation by the probability density functionJ.H. Choi, S.K. Cho, D.J. Kim, J.M. Koo, C.S. Seok, W.K. SongFatigue failure mechanisms of plasma-sprayed CrC-NiCr cermet coatings in rolling contactXiancheng Zhang, Binshi Xu, Fu-Zhen XuanMicro structural origin of the apparent thermal transient creep of concrete at high temperatureA. Menou, G. Mounajed, H. Boussa, Ch. La BorderieEffect of plasma nitrocarburizing on fatigue strength of SCM435 steelJianjun Sun, Nu Yan, Insup Lee, Riichi MurakamiElevation of fatigue behavior ofT-type welded joint in the small-sized single pass boilerNu Yan, H. Yamakawa, R. Murakami, D.YonekuraA nonlinear incremental damage model for fatigue-creep fractureJie Dung, Xuedong Chen, Huifeng Jiang, Zhichao Fan, Shouxiang LuA new life prediction method for stress controlled fatigue-creep interactionHt,ifeng Jiang, Xuedong Chert, Zhichao Fan, Jie Dong, Shouxiang LuExperimental study on fatigue growth of surface cracks on overlay of hydrogenation reactorShiming Shen, Guoquan DingNotch fatigue assessment of four critical plane strain energy criteria based on mixed cracking modeBaoxiang Qiu, Zengliang Gao, Xiaogui WangLow cycle fatigue characteristics of two steels for railway wheel and axleD.J. Kim, S.K. Cho, J.H. Choi, J.M. Koo, C.S. Seok, J.W. SeoFatigue life evaluation of disk brake of railway vehicle considering pressure distributions at frictional surfaceS. K. Cho, D. J. Kim, J. H. Choi, Y. M. Lee, C. S. SeokEffects of loading rate, notch geometry and loading mode on the local cleavage fracture stress of a C-Mn steelGuozhen Wang, Yuliang WangNumerical solutions of diffusion-controlled migrating interface problems for studying brazing SS304/BNi-2/SS304 jointHu Chen, Jianming Gong, Shan-Ttmg Tu, Wenchun JiangNet-section limit moments for circumferential cracks at the interface between elbows and pipesChang-Kyun Oh, Tae-Kwang Song, Yun-Jae Kim, Jong-Sung Kim, Tae-Eun JinResearch on partial safety factor of structural integrity assessmentSluo Pan, Jianping ZhaoLimit loag of mismatched welded joint containing cracksC hunwei Ma, Fu-Zhen Xuan, Zhengdong WangThe plast c limit load of elbows under in-plane bending momentsZhixiang Duan, Shiming Shen, Lifang ZhouFormulat on for tangent stiffness matrix of 3-D smeared rotating crack concrete modelSangbai Cai, B.A. Izzuddin, A.Elghazouli, P. ShenCharacteristics of dynamic mechanical properties of high strength steels (POSTEN60, POSTEN80)C ab-Chul Jang, Kyong-Ho Chang, Chin-Hyung LeeEnergy release rate for delaminated laminates circular plates subjected to transverse loadsDeliang Chen, Yiming FuNonlinear response analysis for cable-stayed bridge by considering girder-tower coupling effect under earthquake excitationXingye Chen, Zhao Li, Xuesong TangAnalysis of creep and shrinkage effects in bulin river bridgeWeian Wang, Jianren Zhang, Qianhua Yu, Shunkun TanGeometric nonlinear tangent stiffness matrix with uniform expression for plane truss, beam and plane elementsJihua Deng, Xudong Shao, Songbai CaiModeling on strain softening and Portevin-Le Chatelier effect in crystalline materials based on mesoplasticityWenge Zhang, Xuedong Chen, Tiechen Yang, Bing WangCreep analysis of the pipe with local thinning defect under pressure and moment at high temperatureChangyu Zhou, Jilin Xue, Guodong ZhangInfluence of mesh type and size on crack growth modelingHong Huang, Xiaogui Wang, Zengliang GaoAn investigation on support plate of steam generator by modal analysisQiwu Dong, Tong Liu, Minshan LiuStudy on factors influencing dynamic properties of steam generator U-tubesMinshan Liu, Tong Liu, Qiwu DongSeismic response and dynamic characteristic analysis of the complex intake tower structureChenggang Ma, Yongxing Lai, Minshan LiuVibration analysis and fault diagnosis of the fan unit and support structureShaoping Zhou, Jie Zhang, Yongsheng SuFluidelastic stability criterion analysis of tube bundles with energy equationYongxing Lai, Ke Wang, Qiwu DungResearch on the optimal structural parameter of interrupted type concrete straight-road barrier with certain length concrete frustaZhengbao Lei, Lan Lin, Haiqi Yah, Jinxiu Yu, Zhigang ZhouThe self-excited vibration mechanism and diagnosis of turbo generator setShaoping Zhou, Yongsheng Su, Jie Zhang, Xiuhai LiInvestigation on the leak accident prediction of petrochemical installationsSongbai Cheng, Guohua ChenFailure analysis of a thermocouple protection tube in a steam-entering pipe of a steam turbineDeming Fang, Shuihua Zheng, Changjiang Huang, Ying LiAn equivalent strain energy density life prediction modelZhichao Fan, Xuedong Chen, Ling Chen, Jialing JiangA quality inspection method of blade based on genetic algorithmHui Guo, Jiazhen PanFouling characteristics of sintered porous surface tubes for heat exchangers in sodium chloride solutionAlong Liu, Hong Xu, Yan Sun, Hongzhi Wang, Li Zhang, Jinglei Liu, Xuesheng WangStudy on properties of heat transfer and scaling for gas-liquid two-phase flow in the vertical tubeSuolong Zhang, Keping Chert, Qiwu Dung, Peining LiNonlinear dynamic beam under moving load with time delay feedback controlChangzhao Qian, Jiashi TangDelamination growth of composite laminated cylindrical shells under radial uniformly distributed dynamic loadJinhua Yang, Xingye Chen, Chuanxi LiStability analysis of the continuous rigid frame bridge with large-span and high-pier by energy methodYigang LvManufacturing of nozzles combined with reinforcement padZhengfang Wang, Yong Wang, Dawei Qu, Tingbo SunOptimal design for sealed cabin of underwater high-speed photography systemMande Shen, Liangyi Chen, Junhua He, Faquan ZhangNonlinear vibration for moderate-thickness cracked plate with dowels on elastic foundationYonggang Xiao, Chongmei Peng, Jiafeng ZhongThe flow forming process simulated by finite element methodChanghong Liu, Fu-Zhen Xuan, Xintian Liu, Lihui Zhao, Xiaoyong ZhaoResearch on microstructure of Zn-based polymer nanocompositeBaiyang Lou, Bin Xu, Kangchun Luo, Kezai MiaoThe research on failure of pressing dieBin Xu, E aiyang LouNonlinear forward-iteration method for cable-stayed bridgeChangsong Chen, Donghuang Yan, Zhengqing ChenRemaining life arid fracture evaluation of Incoloy800H furnace tubes serviced at high temperature for 100,000 hYong Jian g, Jianming Gong, Zhongzheng Zhang, Rulsong Zhu, Dongxing XiElastic-plastic simulation aiming to grinding of advanced ceramicsYumei Bao, Guozhong Chal, Weina HaoReliability analysis for CNG storage gas pressure vessel using t'mite element methodJunge Du, Yaxin ZhangExperience with the use of P91 steel & development of tools for component integrity/life assessmentAhmed Shibli, David RobertsonRelief of tensile residual stress in girth joint ofAISI 316 steel by deep cryogenic treatmentQiongqi Wang, Weize Wang, Fu-Zhen Xuan, Zhengdong Wang, Shan-Tung TuAuthor indexKeywords index


《第四届亚洲土工合成材料学术大会论文集》主要内容:the book includes the full papers selected from the fifth annual meeting of the fracture mechanices,held at the wu hua hotel in changsha,hunan province,china,october 31 to november 5,2007.the fracture mechanics symposium series was initiated in 2003.the first annual meeting fm2003 was held in shanghai,china,2003.fm2004 was held in huangshan,anhui province,china,2004,fm2005 in zhengzhou,henan province,china,2005,and fm2006 in nanjing,jiangsu province,china,2006.the symposium series provided a great opportunity for professors,researchers engineers and other experts to interchange their research results and ideas in the field of fracture and structural integrity in general.the joint effort among the academic and industrial institutions assured the continuing success of the symposium series.






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